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   President Oration

  Through the ups and downs, Simpact has made great efforts to cultivate the enterprise culture based on honesty and innovation. Simpact peoples hard work has brought the enterprise step by step to upgrade.

  Behind the halo, soaked in hard work, hard work, shining with the wisdom, calm, open and confident. Simpact started from a cable, adhering to the pragmatic spirit of one step at a time, and actively explored the experience of market survival;  Develop from one product to multiple products, implement famous brand development strategy, make excellent cable products, build famous brand in the industry; Developing from one industry to multiple industries, implementing the development strategy of moderate diversification, making the company bigger, stronger and better, Simpact has drawn a perfect leapfrog development curve with true love.
  As Simpact people, we are proud of her outstanding achievements, but also feel a deep sense of responsibility for the sacred mission.
While repaying its shareholders for its outstanding achievements, Simpact is also full of gratitude for its active public welfare, giving love, giving back to the society, and being a responsible corporate citizen.
   In the future, the cable industry will develop towards globalization and scale.
   Today will be a strategic development view, catch the opportunity of market advantage, market-oriented, user-centric, with the concept of scientific development, the optimization of internal resources, integrate social resources, fighting hard in the new starting point, build in one hundred, parker brand, with a modern group company has the domestic first-class level in the coast of the south China.
   We will continue to adhere to the high standard, high quality, zero defect concept, to maintain the leading position in the cable industry, and strive to become the "world cable industry leader"!

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