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Future Expectation

  1. Plans to expand production bases and upgrade production lines.

   After the successful listing of the new third board of Simpact Technology, the business has grown dramatically, and the scale of production needs to be expanded urgently. Therefore, in order to meet the growing domestic and foreign market demand, enrich the market supply, provide better quality products, and increase market share, the company plans to invest in the expansion and expansion of existing plants and factories, and upgrade digital communication cable production lines.
At present, the company has signed a contract with European Rosenthal-Nexlon company to introduce the worlds most advanced and fully automatic electrical equipment series data communication wire insulation production line.

  This equipment comes from the industry leader in Austria. It inherits the industrial quality of Germany and can double the existing digital communication cable production capacity.

  At the same time, the companys current product level has been upgraded from the current Category 6 line to Category 8 line, transitioning from industrial automation to intelligent production, leading from China to the world, and taking the lead in opening a new chapter of Industry 4.0 in the same industry to ensure Efficiency and quality leadership.

2. Build a "production, learning, research" integrated team.

  In the future development path, the team will continue to carry forward the spirit of mutual help and struggle, achieve a harmonious and tacit state in their careers, and become a true corporate family.Simpact Technology always insists on technological innovation as the core competitiveness of sustainable development of the enterprise.

   The company regards the rise of science and technology as an inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable development of the company, adheres to the scientific development path of independent development, joint development, and advanced development, and absorbs and integrates a group of domestic and foreign renowned experts and senior technical personnel.
During the construction of the research and development team, the company increased investment in research and development, vigorously developed optical fibers, cable products, antennas, and related communication equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and obtained a number of patent certificates, which improved the companys core competitiveness.

   With Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xian universities, scientific research institutions, technical research institutes, etc., we have established an integrated production, learning, and research cooperation model, achieved strong professional technology research and development strength, and established a team of excellent professionals. A comprehensive new product research and development system has been established to form a comprehensive technical innovation system to improve the independent innovation ability and continuous innovation ability of enterprises.

3. Create a new online "E2E" sales model.

   With excellent technical talents, rich brand management experience, and a large number of high-quality customers, Simpact Technology is committed to becoming the communication product manufacturer with the most abundant products, the most complete specifications, and the most professional expertise in the industry.

At the end of 2015, Simpact Technology teamed up with “Everyone Purchases Network” to create a new sales model of online products “E2E”.
Through the new sales model, Simpact Technology has transformed from an original production enterprise to an "Internet +" enterprise.
Based on the development of the "E2E" platform and the standardized management of listed companies, Spiral Technology expects that next years sales will more than double from the original.
    The future of Simpact Technology has created a speed of Simpact that is envied by peers, users look back, and the society respects.
In the future, Simpact Technology will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity development, joint efforts and win-win", a step-by-step hard-working spirit, excellence, stricter than the law, to ensure that enterprises survive, develop, and advance in the competition .
Make unremitting efforts to build a century-old brand in the communications industry.
Join hands with Simpact for a better future!

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